Thursday, March 3, 2011

DIY Sunburst Mirror

Wow...I've been really slacking in the blogging department lately, huh? Our computer lost the Wifi it has to be plugged in upstairs directly with the modem. What does that mean? Well, it just means I'm not on the computer nearly as much anymore...which I think my family is very happy about:) Plus I have been a busy little bee with getting projects know those photos you save in the "I really want to do that someday" folder? I am actually getting those done! Yay me!

One of the projects I wanted to do was a sunburst mirror. I have seen a ton of examples online for DIY versions and thought I would give it a try myself.
round mirror
bamboo skewers
hot glue
First, I found a pack of round mirrors at Goodwill. I got 6 mirrors in different sizes for $4...but I had a giftcard so it was free! You can also get mirrors like this at a craft store.
So, I took the largest mirror (8" in diameter) and glued down some skewers in some symmetrical spots. I glued them with the pointy side facing in because I wanted the flat edge to be showing on the outside.
Note: When buying bamboo skewers, do not buy them at the dollar store...they are thinner and more of them are bent. I got mine at Walmart for $.94 a pack (of 100) and they were a lot thicker and very few were it was cheaper than the dollar store!
I divided each of my previous sections with more skewers. I thought this would be the best way to get them the most even all the way around. You could measure all the way around and mark where they go...I'm just lazy:)

So, I continued with that method until I had the fullness that I wanted. I used almost a whole bag of 100 skewers.

I went through and painted the back of the skewers with black acrylic paint. Next, I flipped it over, covered the mirror with a circle piece of paper, and spray painted the front with black spray paint. The paper kept the mirror clean and the spray paint made it so that I didn't have to apply a top coat.

I hung it in our bedroom and I love it! I originally wanted it over our bed...but I didn't think to measure the small wall before making the the mirror was bigger than the small wall space between our windows. Luckily it fits perfectly on the opposite wall and fills the space nicely.
I feel great getting one of my long time projects accomplished. I have finished a few others for our room that I can't wait to share:)
mirrors (pack of 6): $4.00
bamboo skewers (pack of 100): $.94
paint: already had
Total: $4.94
(plus I still have 5 more mirrors to play with!)
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  1. YEA fabulous job! I LOVE IT! Also I love those flowers on your daughters wall :) Super cute - so are the letters :)

  2. I think this is a project that I will be doing this weekend. Love it!

  3. Love it! Yes, I've missed your projects lately! :-)

  4. I'm making one of these soon! I have all the supplies... just waiting for a warm day! :)
    May I ask how you hung this on your wall? It's the part I'm most nervous about!

  5. I've been seeing these starburst mirrors all over the place too - i love them! Great job!

    ~ ~

  6. hopping over from TT&J , to say Hi and to say WOW...this is adorably cute and seems so easy. I have these 3 frames that have fugly fabric in them hanging in our bedroom and this seems like the perfect thing to replace them...Thanks

    Lauren @

  7. Looks great!! Visiting from TT&J but I am a long time follower!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. I'm a new follower to your blog and just love this (and your blog)! In fact, I just made one myself but I'm not sure how you got the hook on the back of the mirror - would you mind sharing what you did? Thanks!

  9. Hi Holly;)

    My mirrors actually came with hooks already on the back...but I would suggest buying picture frame hooks (the long kind with teeth?) and sticking them on the back of the mirror either with JB Weld or
    e6000 glue. Both normally stick to anything and hold for a LONG time. I hope that helped:)

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