Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Soft Taggie Blanket

Another present I made for my friend's baby shower was a taggie blanket. I was so excited when I found black minky at Hobby Lobby because other places don't sell it. I got 1/2 a yard of minky and the guitar fabric came from my friend (that's what she used to recover the baby's car seat).

I found some ribbon at Joann. Since there wasn't a lot of printed ribbon by the yard...I found more colorful prints in with the edging and straps. I also found some large ric rac that I thought would be cute. I bought 8" of each ribbon since that would be enough to use each ribbon twice around the blanket.

Also, since most of my ribbon was plain...I bought some 1/4" ribbon to add to some of the larger ribbons to make them look more interesting.

I started by cutting two large squares out of the cotton and minky.

I cut all my ribbon pieces in half and laid them around the blanket in a pattern that looked good to me. You can also see where I took my 1/4" orange ribbon and laid pieces on top of the larger pieces of ribbon to be sewn together.

Next, I sewed all the ribbons in half (with right side out) to make all my loops.

Then, I sewed all the loops to the right side of the cotton fabric. I sewed them with the loop part facing in and the raw edges facing out and with a 1/4" seam allowance.

Finally, I put my minky piece on top (right side down) and sewed all the way around the square (still making sure my ribbon pieces were turned in). I left an opening so that I could flip it right side out.

Once I flipped it right side out (and made sure all my ribbon loops were facing out), I top stitched all the way around to close up the opening.

There are a lot of steps that you wouldn't necessarily HAVE to do (like pre sewing the loops, or sewing them onto the cotton first)...but since this was my first taggie, and a gift, I wanted to make sure it was all even and secure. Plus I like knowing that the ribbons are sewn in a few times so that they won't tear out over time.

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  1. Love it! I just adore that fabric! :) I made one for Sapphira's first Christmas and lined it with a wrapper from a wipes refill to make it crinkly. Back then her favorite toys had satin, flannel, and crinkle sounds. I was able to incorportate all of those things (flannel fabric for the big square and lots of satin ribbon) and was also able to add some texture with grosgrain and loopy ribbons like you did. So easy and cheap since it's a good scrapbuster. I have also seen these with a button hole sewn into a corner to be able to attach it to a ring in their carseat or stroller! FUN!!! :)

  2. How cute!! It looks great, nice job. We would love to have you link up with this on our link up party on Sunday, it is perfect :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is super cute! And now I want to recover my baby's car seat with some funky fabric... She's not too into the taggie blankets. Funny cause she loves actual tags...



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