Sunday, April 22, 2012

Traveling to Missouri

We got extremely sad news a couple of weeks ago that my husband's great grandfather had passed away. At first, my husband was going to fly to Missouri for the service but then we decided to just throw ourselves in the car and drive!

Yeah...the reality of that idea hit about 30 minutes later when I realized I had less than 24 hours to pack us all up and prepare myself for two days of driving with two kids.

But, we chose to be naive about what could happen and I think it worked to our benefit!

So, the next morning we were in our car and ready for our first day of driving from Arizona to Amarillo, TX!

We started the trip off with donuts...because that's how every road trip should start, right?

Driving through New Mexico: 

This was my view from the back seat while I fed baby boy and watched Cinderella with my daughter:

Got some of the best truck stop pizza ever in Albuquerque:

No pictures of us in Amarillo. We were on a super tight schedule and it was dark by the time we got there. We basically grabbed a quick bite to eat, slept, and were on the road by the next morning! We made the drive from Arizona to Amarillo in 11 hours. Not too bad with two kids!

The next day...entering Oklahoma!:

I slept through our entering Missouri, but we were all so glad to get out of the car and catch up with family!

This baby was so good in his carseat:

He even got a new hairdo while at the hotel pool:

We took one day to head south to Springfield:

We did some shopping at the vintage shops downtown, including the Red Velvet shop. My husband is just glad I didn't find a couch to tow home across 4 states.

Before we left, I had to experience Steak N' Shake for the first time. Their guacamole chicken did NOT disappoint:

Oh, and neither did their shakes:

After four whole days with family, it was time to leave.  Leaving was bittersweet, but it was sure nice to see the southwestern sunset welcoming us back home:

I wish we had more time to stop in each state along to way to see the best of what each had to offer. It made me really interested in traveling more across our country.

We are very sad at the loss of his great grandfather, but grateful for wonderful memories with him and the peace that he is in Heaven.


  1. Oh man. We make that drive from AZ to St Louis EVERY YEAR! This year we are going to fly for the first time. I think it will be better with such a little baby, but it will definitely be different. You are a saint for taking that trip with a little one!!

  2. I'm so glad you all came! Loved every minute of it! I'm sad it was rainy and we didn't have the house. I had big plans of playing outside the whole time. Oh well, we will have to get in a lot of park time in when we come there. Miss those kiddos!

  3. Looks like it was a lovely trip. Glad your little ones were well behaved and that being "naive" about the traveling worked out to your benefit!! <3 (((hugs))) sorry for your family's loss <3 xoxoxo

  4. Sorry for your loss. We live about 65miles north of Springfield. SHAKE N STEAK is one of my husband's favorite places.



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