Friday, November 30, 2012

DIY: Felt and Fleece Stockings

I made these Christmas stockings last year. Jack was only a few weeks old and I was feeling crafty. I made the whole set in less than an hour.
1 yd of fleece
1/4 yard of felt
matching thread
hot glue gun
STEP 1: Cut stocking shapes out of fleece and sew around all sides (with wrong sides facing), leaving the top open. I liked the look of the raw edges.
STEP 2: Cut strips 1" by 4" strips of fleece. Fold in half and sew to the left inside corner of the stocking.
STEP 3: Cut embellishments out of felt and hot glue to the front. I cut strips for my husband's stocking, large flowers for mine, small flowers for my daughter's, and a chevron pattern for my son's.

Since I have no shelves to place the stockings on, I used some old shower curtain hooks to hang them on our curtain rod in the living room.


  1. Found your blog through pinterest, (I had pinned both your heart wall art as well as your baby clothes quilt). Have been lookin around at your blog, you have some really great ideas and projects so I figured I needed to be a follower!
    P.S. Cute stockings!I made homemade ones for my girls this year...I haven't put them up yet though, I'm in the middle of making stocking hooks! Love the idea of hanging them on the curtain rods though!

  2. Hey Melissa, I absolutely LOVE your stockings! Your flower one is my favorite but they are all just cute as a button! I love homemade items like this as they mean much more than something store bought! I always wanted to try making some with our initials on them. Love your site and all of your craft ideas! Check out our blog when you get the chance too! (P.S. I have not made it yet, but just found instructions on how to make a sock bunny, so I will be attempting to make those soon) :-) Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. These stockings are SO cute! I've been looking for a cute and easy idea for stockings for me, hubs and the baby. I think this may be the winner...fleece would be sooo easy to work with.



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